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How Do you Charge for Website Development?

We Charge as from 100,000 XAF ($200) For our Website Development Services.

How Do you Charge for Google Ads/ PPC?

It all depends on the Campaign and The Industry.

But we Charge as from 100,000 XAF ($200) per 1 Week of Google Ads Campaign.

After the End of the Campaign you should have:

  • 10+ Guaranteed Leads for your Business
  • Increased in Traffic After the Campaign.
  • More Brand Recognition for your Company.
Google Ads or SEO?

Google Ads is different for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads is for the Short-term while SEO is for the Long-term.

  • We Charge from 180,000 XAF ($350) Per month for Google Ads.
  • For SEO We charge as from 100,000 XAF ($200). For SEO we do Backlinks creation, Content creation and Optimization.
Flutter Vs Native Mobile App Development

It all depends on what you want to achieve, being it Flutter or Native App Development.

We charge as from 200,000 XAF ($280) for our Mobile App Development Services.

How Frequently would I receive a Report on the Status of my PRoject?

Reporting is achieved on a Weekly or a Bi-weekly basis. At intellitor Client Satisfaction is our Priority.

What if am not satisfied with the Service I was offered?

If you aren’t satisfied by our service, then you can then raise a Dispute with our Sales and Management Team. We would do the following after look at your case:

  • Modify or Adjust the Service to the Client’s Satisfaction.
  • Give the Client a 20-30% on our Next Deal.
  • If the Client wants a Refund, then after consideration, we would then refund the Client after deducting all the costs we inquired.

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